Electrical Panel Box Repairs (Free Estimate)

electrical panel upgrade testing

Inner City Skyline Inc provides electrical repairs, home electricity rewiring, panel box upgrades and more for local homes in Huntington Beach, CA. Most homeowners seek out a licensed electrician for small repairs, and adjustment throughout the house. Rarely its cost efficient and more often than not, something else is a concern which leads to another specialists arriving to repair the damages.  Inner City Skyline takes on electrical projects based on the premises of additional trades which include drywall, framing and painting of your home. Our contractor can take on your entire electrical upgrade project and help you lower costs and avoid the headaches by using experts. Our experts are held responsible for the workmanship they provide, schedule a free estimate and get costs today.

Electrical Rewiring

Electrical Rewiring is a major project for homeowners. It consists of removing existing electrical systems from each wall, and redoing it with modern electrical architecture and even data cables for clutter free homes. Fire preventive options are available and our electrical engineers follow all city guidelines to ensure inspection is passed and everything is done per code. Call for your free in-home estimate today.

Main Panel Upgrade

Inner City Skyline offers main panel upgrades for homeowners interested in upgrading the electrical panels for residential properties. Electrical panel boxes are like the main hub in which your home receives electricity from your utility company. Upgrading your electrical panel box can make your home more efficient, and help keep your family save from electrical fires. Common problems with main electrical panel boxes are that older panels because flickering throughout the house, require you to turn off a few appliances in order to use other appliances, and even potential fires. Most homes are not even aware of how crucial it is to upgrade the electrical panel before a fire breaks out. Consider a free quote today!

Kicbox Energy Saver Box

Inner City Skyline, offers an energy saver box called the Kicbox which in turn helps regulate your motorized appliances around your house and ensure they run at proper rate. This regulatory product connects directly to your electrical panel box and reduces the need for excessive electricity. Whether you have washing machines running unremittingly with motorized automated gates, and fans, each product becomes more efficient and more productive. This nifty product is said to reduce your electricity bill up to 25% and depends heavily on your appliances and usage.

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