Why choose vinyl materials for your patio cover and fence in Los Angeles?

Why choose vinyl materials for your patio cover and fence in Los Angeles?

If you ever considered upgrading your patio cover, or fence in Los Angeles, you might have came across vinyl as a material option for your backyard in Los Angeles. There are only a limited amount of options for homeowners when they need a fence replacement or a new patio cover.

Vinyl or wood fence ideas

The most popular Patio Cover or Fence Material

Wood Fence Vs Vinyl Fence

In Los Angeles, homeowners are divided about using wood or vinyl for their backyard renovations. Lets take fence for example. Homeowners have to worry about termite treatment and treating the wood to ensure they last. If the termites don't eat your wood, the rare occasions we get rain the water will cause mold, and moisture damages. It's important that when you install wood, you must treat it for termites and seal it for moisture.

Let's compare wood fence to vinyl fence. Most vinyl fence manufactures provide lifetime warranty, meaning at least 20 years warranty depending on manufacture. Vinyl fences do not need to be treated for termites or moisture since they are made from plastic. Its secure, and safe for most weatherization. The most common repair for vinyl fence is its poor installation leaving homeowners exposed when the fence falls apart due to winds. So if the vinyl fence does not require much treatment, why aren't more homeowners choosing vinyl for their backyard?  Simple answer is lack of customization for those homeowners that need something completely custom, vinyl does not provide any options. It's strictly what you see is what you get, no customization available.

Same arguments can be applied to patio cover and any other area you plan on using vinyl or wood. A wood patio cover looks far more creative, and can be customized with different woods like cedar wood, cherry wood, and pine. If you choose vinyl, you are stuck with the options that are available. Our carpenters and installs offer both options at different price points for our customers to consider.

Costs for Vinyl or Wood Patio Covers

Take a guess at which material costs more to build when comparing vinyl and wood patio covers side by side. Homeowners in Los Angeles and Orange County can get a free estimate to get exact prices for wood or vinyl patio covers, but the reasoning why vinyl costs more is that it requires little to no maintenance. You build it once and it stays for a very long time compared to a wood fence or patio cover which requires constant maintenance for weather,  and termites.

Clear winner in price is wood fences. They are more affordable for homes and are great for most projects. If you do not plan on living in your home for the next 50 years, consider wood fence if you want creativity, customization and ease of use. Compare our prices for vinyl or wood fence today by inquiring via our website.

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