Earthquake Seismic Retrofitting: Get $3000 In Rebates

Earthquake Retrofitting with Brace and Bolt Program

I am sure you noticed that California is experiencing some of the most severe earthquakes and its only due for a large earthquake enough to shake and even crumble some of the flimsy homes in Southern California. Earthquake retrofitting and bolting should be top of a homeowners to do list if people understood the extent of what could happen when a 8.0+ Earthquake to strike Los Angeles.

Retrofitting your homes Foundation

Inner City Skyline provides retrofitting and foundation repair services for homes in Southern California. We primarily focus on faulty areas that lay within the lines of where the earthquake will do maximum damage. Hillside properties are the biggest concern factors. Other homes that do not have the proper bolts can shake right off its core foundation.

A Massive Earthquake Is Coming, Are you Ready for It?

Rebates Available?

Homeowners can qualify for up to $3000 in rebates for foundation retrofitting and bolting. The program that offers this rebate is Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program. You can contact us directly to schedule an estimate and we will help you see if your home qualifies. If not, we work with low interest financing options for homeowners that qualify.

Why its important?

Earthquake can happen and your home will get damaged that is certain. What foundation retrofitting does is help your home survive by adding an additional layer of protection with Seismic bolts. Put your family first and get a quote today.