3 Reasons You Need Chalk Paint For Your Kids

3 Reasons you need Chalk Paint for your Kids

Have you heard about chalk paint and how it can help kids? 2019-2020 homeowners with young children are considering painting walls, countertops and flooring with chalk paint for numerous reasons. For one thing, its very entertaining and fun to draw on. Another reason is that its great to entertain small children and can help boost learning and creativity.

Inner City Skyline in Orange County and Los Angeles offers homeowners a free estimate for repainting areas of their house with chalk paint. Let's learn more about chalk paint and some of the creative ways of using it with children.

Chalk Paint Interior Home Paint Orange County

Chalk Paint For Kitchen Countertop

If you have restless children that need a bit of entertainment with their food time, we would like to recommend chalk paint. If you have engineered countertops or solid surface countertops, painting it with chalk paint from Annie Sloan is a great addition to any kitchen. The only issue that some homeowners face is the mess of chalk.

For children, drawing during dinner time will entertain the idea of bringing art, learning, and fun to eating. Imagine drawing an apple, whiling feeding your little ones with apple sauce. It will help children learn faster, and make the feeding process a little less painful.

Chalk Paint For Children's Room

If your children have their rooms, painting an accent wall with chalk paint will give them a huge canvas to draw, learn, and play. I remember growing up drawing, coloring and learning with drawing examples. It will certainly bring creativity to your child.

Practicing writing skills, drawing or even math can be applied to your chalk painted wall. It's great for adults that are running into a problem which needs room to solve. It can also be great for children that love to draw, and color.

Den Chalk Painted Floors

Sometimes children can have allergies from chalk and chalk paint. A safe bet is to paint a den or a playroom with chalk paint to see how well it does. Its the beginning steps to introduce the concept to small children.

Free Estimate For Interior Home Paint

If you need help getting started with chalk paint, painting any room in your house or repairing any other areas of your home, consider a free estimate from Inner City Skyline. Inner City Skyline provides free estimates for interior and exterior painting for homes in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside. Get a quote today.