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Noticed cracks, damages to your home during the latest earthquake that hit near Los Angeles, CA? Inner City Skyline, specializes in foundation repairs, and home improvement services that can help you repair and replace your houses foundation.

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Home Repairs Caused By Foundation Damages

If you are to understand the importance of your homes foundation, you must start from the very beginning. The building blocks that your house is sitting on is your foundation. Small hairline cracks can cause significant damages to your exterior of your house, your windows, doors, and flooring. It can even cause cracks in your drywall and make your home look like it has not been renovated in years. In Los Angeles, Inner City Skyline provides foundation repairs, foundation retrofitting and foundation waterproofing services for homeowners.

Most notable is our efforts to provide foundation retrofitting and bolting services through the Brace And Bolt Program in Southern California. Homeowners can get up to $3,000 in Rebates for retrofitting and bolting down their existing property. Need help starting?

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Foundation Inspection In Los Angeles

Homeowners often realize the need for foundation repairs in Los Angeles only when an earthquake hits, or when its time to sell a home. Most banks will not fund a new purchased home without a proper inspection.

Homeowners also inquire when they notice foundation related damages. Our foundation inspections can identify faulty foundation, show you cost effective ways to repair, and get you started with our licensed contractor. In Los Angeles, CA we provide free foundation inspections for single family homes, apartment complexes and condominiums.

  • Foundation Waterproofing

  • Foundation Retrofit & Bolting

  • Foundation Crack Repair

  • Sinking residential Foundation Repair

  • Hillside Foundation Retrofitting

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Brace And Bolt Program Rebates

Got a foundation project and not sure how you can pay for it? Their is good news! In parts of LA and Orange County, there is a programmed called Earthquake Brace and Bolt which helps homeowners pay for foundation retrofitting in certain area codes. Schedule a free estimate with us, and we can help you get started. 

Major Foundation Renovations

  1. Cracked Residential Foundations

Foundation cracks that are larger than 1/2 " should not be taken lightly. Its signs that you probably have structure damage and need a structural engineer to help asses the damages. Our foundation contractors work with structural engineers to provide one low price for foundation crack repair services. 

2. Sinking Home Foundation Repairs

Most homeowners rarely notice the foundation until its too late. A small crack that forms out of no where, or slight case of sinking or uneven flooring throughout the house is rarely noticeable. If you do happen to notice it or seen a crack, find a licensed foundation contractor and structural engineer. Your house is in jeopardy.