Repairing Flooring In Orange County, CA: Local Guide

Repairing Flooring In Orange County, CA

Noticed scratches and cracks in your wood flooring and not sure if its time to replace or repair? Inner City Skyline provides flooring repair services in Orange County, CA. Our floor specialists in Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Mission Viejo, and San Clemente provide affordable floor repair solutions for homeowners. Whether we repairing a small crack, a few scratches or Creaky floorboards, our experts will guide you through the process and show you how we can get the project done right at an affordable budget.

Repairing Scratches from Wood Floors

The process for repairing scratched wood flooring is complex but not difficult. In Orange County, our floor specialists can repair minor scratches, or replace the entire area with new flooring depending on the extent of the scratches. The first step is cleaning the area thoroughly and ensuring its spotless. Anytime you do any repairs its best to clean the surfaces to have an accurate picture of what the area looks like and what needs repairs. After cleaning, the next step is sanding the area down with fine-grade sandpaper. Sanding your floors is like using an eraser for paper, it's there to remove the distracting scratches. The problem with sanding is you need to have the right staining color and design to match the existing house. That is where an expert can come in and help identify the right staining color and help you sand and stain your home floors.

Our contractor in Orange County can help you get started by scheduling a free estimate for your floor repair project for your home. Compare our prices with any licensed contractor and will beat it!

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Repairing your Creaking Floorboards In OC

Floorboards are like any other part of your home, and with heavy foot traffic, it can become loose, and start to creak. Our flooring specialists can help identify creaking floorboards and help repair the area to ensure it won't creak again.

Talcum powder can help swollen floorboards stop creaking. We recommend using a knife and sprinkling the talcum powder between the cracks. This could be enough to solve the creaking floorboard issues. If it does not, often time the floorboards and the floor cover are loose. A few nails can do the trick. It will be ugly if it's not done professionally so consider hiring a pro.

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Why Repair Flooring?

Repairing your floors should be the first project you consider when purchasing your home or selling your home in Orange County. The worst turn off is when a potential client is walking through your home and steps on the creaking floorboard and starts to wonder what else could be wrong with your home. Additionally, repairing your new homes creaking floorboards will give you the confidence you need to take on bigger projects. It will also be relieving to know that when you do walk through that hallway or bedroom you won't have to wake up your significant other due to the floors creaking.

Need help repairing your floors? Get a free estimate from our contractors at Inner City Skyline. We are here to help you repair or replace your flooring. We do staircase floor installation, hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. We offer a free estimate for all homeowners in Orange County. Get a free quote today.