Staircase Remodeling Costs (Ultimate Guide) Orange County, CA

Ultimate Guide: Staircase Remodeling Orange County, CA

Inner City Skyline offers a comprehensive guide to staircase remodeling, to understand costs and details associated with remodeling in Orange County, CA. We are based out of Huntington Beach, CA and offer free estimates for homeowners interested in quality staircase remodeling, and railing design for homeowners. Give us a call today or inquire via our website (855) 751-4663

Staircase Remodel Consideration

There are two major staircase projects we provide for homeowners; railing repairs, installation and staircase installation. Railings are one of the most important aspects and more sought after projects for homeowners. Railings come in standard sizes, and custom designs to fit your home. Security and safety is a big factor in railing repairs and installation. We witness stair railings causing major accidents that could simply be avoided by proper placement of railings and repairing when things break.

Railing design and installation for modern, Victorian, or traditional craftsman style railings are offered by inner city skyline. Our estimated railing installation project costs $2,450 - $5,255 depending on design, length, and customer specifications.

Staircase comes in all shapes and sizes, often connecting second story to first level of a home. We provide all types of designs and layouts with building plans and permits for our staircase construction. We specialize from ground up, pulling permits, designing and full construction. Staircase construction begins at $6,745 - $22,540 for standard staircase. Custom workmanship can extend costs and provide a more labor intense design that can be completely unique to your home.

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Why Remodel Staircase?

There are three main factors to consider when remodeling your staircase. The biggest concerns are for new infants, elderly and those with young children or pets. Safety is one of the biggest factors for concern and often the reason why homeowners invest in a better designed staircase. Other times, damages can occur which will lead homeowners into investing in staircase repair contractor in Orange County. Last and least concerning factor for homeowners is just aesthetics. Sometimes homeowners are just tired of the design, or the color of the wood floors on the staircase. Change is refreshing for the soul, and more often than not, homeowners choose to remodel just because they can.

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Staircase Types

Curved Staircase is staircases that curve from the top down. They are designed for looks verses functionality and are often for larger style homes.

Straight Staircases Is your standard staircase design for most residential homes. They are effective, functional and affordable. Moreover, city official approve projects that are simple and meet all building and safety requirements.

Circular Staircase are often not recommended but offered in Orange County. They are designed to a 360 layout which are for specific homes. They are great for square footage saving.

Free Estimates on Staircase Repairs

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