Shower Enclosure Vs Bath Tub | Discover the “Wow” in Bathroom Remodeling

Shower Enclosure Vs Bath Tub | Discover the “Wow” in Bathroom Remodeling

Shower enclosures recently have gained popularity for homeowners and more often homeowners are choosing shower enclosures over bath tubs for good reasons. It’s not to say that bath tubs are going to be extinct soon, but who really has time to soak in a nice hot bath even though it sounds so inviting just thinking about it. If you are like the millions of Americans, it is becoming a way of the past, and shower enclosures are slowly replacing existing tubs.

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The Classic Bath Tub

Bath tubs are wonderful for homeowners. It is a great place to soak up and relax while you read a book, watch YouTube videos, or even rest your eyes. Bath tubs are cheaper in material costs and take up more room than a shower enclosure, but that is not the reason why they are used. Some people find bath tubs essential for homes. It is comfort idea that surpasses functionality.

Costs $450 material & $2,350 for workmanship / Installation with plumbing

Why Shower Enclosure is your modern bathroom remodel

Shower enclosures are modern. They are the center of most bathroom remodeling and for good reason too; most people do not have time to take long baths. They are opting for a well-designed shower enclosure verses the traditional tub.

Benefits of a Shower Enclosure are;

  • Fast and easy way of taking a quick shower

  • Installing Sound system inside the walls for entertainment and pleasure

  • Tile Shower Enclosures look beautiful

  • Frameless shower doors available (Straight and curved glass options)

The wow in Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures can help you save time, save space and make your bathroom look and feel great. Interested in spa like features for your shower enclosure? We can add sound systems, steam room style shower enclosure, shower Jacuzzi style massage features and much much more.

Saving Bathroom Space

Shower enclosures generally save homeowners room, while making the task of showering as simple as hoping in your shower. Schedule a free estimate to learn about costs for converting tub into a shower space.

Designed Shower Enclosure 

Designing your shower enclosure is one of the most exciting parts of a bathroom remodeling. Whether your choosing the tiles, or layout of the shower enclosure and all its features, shower designs are a bathroom remodeling contractors canvass.

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