Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Irvine, CA - How Much To Remodel My Bathroom?

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Irvine

Inner City Skyline offers bathroom remodeling designs, bathroom repairs, and new bathroom remodeling for homeowners in Irvine, CA. We specialize in bathroom remodeling for residential properties.

Why Us?

We are one of the best priced bathroom remodeling contractors in Irvine. Our general contractors can install partial bathrooms, or full remodeling of any existing or new bathroom for your home. We keep costs low by buying bulk, reducing workmanship errors, and hiring professional that wont make mistakes.

We are fully licensed and insured making us the right choice in Irvine. We build entire homes, making 1 -2 bathroom remodeling project something easy for us to manage. We range from installing new bathroom vanity, shower enclosures, tub installation, and full tiles.

We are customer oriented and driven construction company. We strongly believe in adding value, pricing projects accurately, and ensuring you get everything and more.

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How Much To Remodel My Bathroom?

Most people tend to ask this question without properly understand what they are actually asking. There are no ways to accurately price your project without seeing the project first-hand. Our bathroom contractors and estimators need to asses the bathrooms to understand the costs.

However, on average we tend too get bathroom repairs coming in between $2,450 - $6,800 and full bathroom remodeling $9,205 - $18,400.