Kitchen Cabinet Details That Make You Say “Wow!”


Kitchen Cabinet Details That Make You Say “Wow!”

Multiple Wow Factors

Certainly the appearance of cabinetry goes a long way toward making an impression on those who live in a place, and guests. However, there’s more than just appearance to marvel over. For example, cost-effectively sourced TBA (To Be Assembled) furniture can actually help you make a “green” impact in a positive way.

More green furniture is definitely a “wow” factor, and it helps you facilitate entertainment in the presentation of your home. Think about it: what happens when you get people in your house looking at your furniture? Well, you tell a story.

First you go into the needs your house had, and why you started looking for cabinets. Then you tell of a few “false positives”, as it were, that nearly tricked you into making the wrong choice; then you tell of your final decision. The closer is when you ask the person who is admiring your furniture what they think it cost; then you get to drop the “bomb”, as it were.

When you can substantially reduce the cost of furniture without reducing associated quality, that’s something to “wow” at indeed! But certainly such an undertaking is easier to imagine than it is to realize. Still, there are options out there worth taking into consideration—especially as pertains to the web.

Affordable Online Cabinetry

When it comes to affordable cabinetry for your kitchen, this is a great source for cheap cabinets online; they come made to order and ready to assemble—the RTA option has surprising levels of luxury these days, and can really save you some money without forcing you to sacrifice aesthetic quality.

But this isn’t the only way to acquire cabinets which perfectly reflect what you and your kitchen are all about. You can additionally build your own cabinets, if you’re handy with the right tools. All you’ve got to do is measure twice and cut once, as it were. Though, if you don’t have the tools, you’ll have to rent them; and if you don’t have natural acumen in woodworking, what you produce and what you envision won’t be the same.

Still, DIY projects can bring a lot of value to your home for very little cost; you’ve just got to take your time and plan your moves out carefully. For example, a DIY deck can cost hundreds and bring thousands to your property—again, though, this requires some level of skill.


Improvisation Consideration

Another way to get cabinets without breaking the bank is to buy them used. There are a lot of problems with that, though. Firstly, unless you go into a house that is being gutted for some reason and uninstall the kitchen cabinets you find there, you’re likely not going to find anything which is properly designed for a kitchen.

If you go with used furniture, you’re going to have to improvise; and that means not seeing your full vision find realization. On the other hand, top-dollar kitchen sets designed to order aren’t that cheap themselves.

There’s this to consider, too: wow factor diminishes according to available budget. That is to say: the more you spend on something, the more a viewer is inclined to think: “Well I could do that if I had lots of money.” They’re not “wowed” at all. What surprises those in your home is when you get those top-tier results without spending too much.

Wow-Worthy Cabinets

Whatever you do, ensure functionality isn’t lost on your cabinetry. Whether they look good, whether they look terrible, or whether they’re just “there”, the most fundamentally important feature of any cabinet set is utility. They should be strong enough to store what you can fit in them, and not be difficult to access.

There are a lot of options in today’s world, and as both the internet and innovations like 3D printing become more common, those options will compound. The best way to get “wow”-worthy cabinets will be taking your time, weighing your options, and only choosing those which are the best fit.

Guest Blog Post By Ashley Lipman