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Adding a Room Addition in Long Beach, Ca

If you are tired of constantly working, and need a investment that will pay dividends, consider a room addition or garage conversion for your home in Long Beach, CA. The rental income in Los Angeles is ridiculous and people are willing to pay $2000 plus for 1-2 bedroom home in Los Angeles. Affordable housing is limited and everyone that wants a good job has to either drive through Los Angeles worst traffics to get to their workplace.

Inner City Skyline provides free estimates for garage conversion in Long Beach. We specialize in garage conversions, with affordable solutions to add real income to your home. Learn about our services and how we can help you get started, finance your project, and build your garage into a fully functional ADU unit for your home.

Garage Conversions / Addition Construction Long Beach

Preparing your Garage for Conversion

To get started we recommend you contact us to schedule a free estimate for your garage conversions.

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If you are interested in helping us help you get started, if you have your personal items in your garage, removing the area can help us better calculate what we can use and what we need help with. Making the area clean and clear can help us evaluate the repairs, what additional work we need to do and give you a free estimate.

Pulling Permits

Pulling permits for room additions and garage conversions in Long Beach has gotten much easier. Los Angeles is in a dire need for affordable housing and City of Los Angeles has become very lenient on the type of additions allowed and permits issued. Schedule a free estimate to get our best prices on pulling permits and getting it approved.  

Architectural Plans / Blueprints

Tired of blueprints not being approved by City of Long Beach on your room addition? We have done several long beach room addition projects and we can get your blueprints approved today with a free estimate. Our room addition contractors can help you get our best deals, find solutions for why city won’t approve and do full scale construction.

Room Addition Installation Contractors

Finding a contractor for approval of the blueprints is one thing, but a contractor to get the project started and completed within budget is another. We are Inner City Skyline and we provide full construction and remodeling of garages for garage conversions.

Garage kitchen Remodeling

This is by far one of the most important aspects of garage conversion project. New unit is required to have some sort of kitchen. Finding the right size kitchen that is functional, yet not overbearing on a garage conversion can be difficult. Our contractors can build a small yet function kitchen to make your garage stand out.

Framing garage and providing quality insulation

If you want a happy tenant, good quality insulation can keep a home comfortable, and soundproof. Most tenants complain about noise, and homes that have bad insulation or no insulation. No insulation can make the homes difficult to stay in during summer Long Beach heat. In addition, insulation also can make your guest house more comfortable in the winter by making it more comfortable with very little furnace /heating.

Bathroom Remodeling in Garage Conversion

Our general contractors specialize in bathroom construction and remodeling for garage conversions. We can add a bathroom, fully coded to Long Beach requirements. Make your addition stand out with a professional contracting and remodeling for your home.

We do plumbing and electrical for bathroom remodeling. We specialize in copper plumbing with energy efficiency and design.

Custom workmanship, low prices available today.

Electrical / plumbing get a quote today

Long Beach Contractors

It’s easy to get started with our general contractors in Long Beach. Schedule a quote today by calling or inquiring online. Over 28 years of remodeling experience, we shine above all else with garage conversions.