3 Tips to maximize the Benefits of your Patio Cover

Benefits of Patio Covers in Los Angeles

If you have a patio cover in southern California, you are in better situation then most homeowners. Most homeowners are sitting out there under the scorching heat, with little or no protection against the sun. If you do happen to have a solid roof patio cover, you have something worth far more than gold. In LA, its impossible to enjoy the backyard in the heat wave we have going on right now. We have three tips on making your patio cover even more productive for you. If you still need a patio cover, give us a call. (855) 751-4663

Installing a Ceiling fan

Our licensed contractors build, and repair patio covers all over southern California. The projects we done that we were most proud of were the ones we installed solar panels on the roof of the patio cover to help homeowners save money, and ceiling fans to keep cool during hot summer days. Ceiling fans are great because they are affordable and easy to install. A licensed contractor is needed to run electricity to your patio cover and setting it up less than a few hours’ work. Schedule your free estimate to get high quality energy efficient ceiling fans for your patio cover.

Installing Big Shady Tree

Before concrete, construction and houses, people got there shade from trees and they are still one of the best investments to combat heat in southern California. Our contractors and landscape designers can help you select the best trees for your backyard. We help homeowners choose low maintenance, easy to install and large trees to provide the shade you need for your home.  Get help; get started right now with a free estimate.

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Installing Misting System

Lastly, installing misting system is another way to maximize the benefits of your patio cover by adding a misty breeze to your relaxing area. Our contractors properly connect an efficient misting system to use the right amount of water for your backyard. When your hanging out for a cookout, you can turn on the misting system to keep your friends and family cool throughout the cookout. It’s one of the best ways of adding value, while adding another method of cooling your guests.