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Air Conditioning installation Los Angeles

We offer free estimate on air conditioning installation in Los Angeles for homeowners in Hollywood, Los Feliz, North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, Universal City, and Pasadena.

Whether you’re interested in repairing, installing or upgrading, Inner City Skyline and our team of energy efficiency and air conditioning contractors will help you get started with a free no cost estimate.

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LA Heat wave and how Air Conditioning Breaks

Air conditioning units are like any other mechanical devices that often break when things start to move. We work with homeowners to install top manufactures like Rheem, Lennox, and Mitusubishi. Additional to manufacture warranty, we provide extended warranty for those homeowners that need an extra peace of mind.

During Los Angeles heat waves, your air conditioning unit is constantly working and engines often overheat, while the moving parts start to lose friction.

Repairing Air Conditioning Los Angeles

Most Air conditioning units that need repairs, often end up being replaced simply due to the limited supply of overproduced products available for air conditioning. If you have a typical brand, its easy to repair the products as its easily available. An air conditioning technician can help you get started by assessing the situation. Repairing something that is old tends to work for a shorter period of time and its more common for HVAC systems. Schedule your free estimate to get our best deals today.