3 Tips for Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling and Design

Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling and Patio 3 Tips to Consider

Designing and building an outdoor kitchen is an exciting project to take on as a homeowner. Planning, designing and finding a contractor to build the right outdoor kitchen for your family outdoor events is much harder than it sounds. Today, more and more contractors are pricing projects far more than they should be, and designing it to be complex, without much additional added value.

Inner City Skyline and our team of contractors, builders and design architects work with homeowners to design simple and yet affordable designs. Our outdoor kitchen remodeling contractors make it easy to get started by offering a free no cost estimate. For free estimates, call us 855-751-4663 | 949-354-4845

Keep outdoor Kitchens Simple

Building an outdoor kitchen can be complicated and designer understands this the most. Homeowners might want extra cabinets, fancy countertops and all the amenities but it’s often wasted. Our outdoor kitchen designers make kitchen design easy for homeowners.

Most homeowners have an outdoor grill and we use that to enclose it with custom stones and just a few cabinets to store the grill equipment. The concrete slab design is the most complex part of the area, with electrical and plumbing running to an outdoor sink. Make it easy, adds the most value without compromising on the design elements. The extras are on you. It’s not essential, but those with a big budget can utilize it.

Need Patio Cover For Outdoor Kitchens

One of the most important ideas for outdoor kitchen in Los Angeles, or any other part of Southern California is having a patio cover to keep you out of the sun. Most homeowners cannot stand being directly under the sun and the sunrays can cause damage to sink and immune system. Building a pitched patio cover that is solid, insulated with ceiling fans can add the shade and cooling you need to enjoy the outdoors. We even have gone as far as install an outdoor mister for the patio cover to ensure a cool breeze is seconds away.

  • Patio Cover Solid Roof

  • Grill Enclosure

  • Concrete Slab

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Patio Misting System

Concrete Slab Well Built for Outdoor Kitchen

If you are building an outdoor patio area with your very own kitchen, the foundation is one of the most important aspect of the entire project. We always recommend redoing the concrete slab, while making sure the foundation is strong and sturdy for a patio cover, and outdoor kitchen area. Some homeowners choose pavers for the patio area and have a luxurious outdoor kitchen built just for this area. Pavers are easy to repair and feel great for the backyard. It’s a design which can be achieved with concrete, but since concrete is formed as a whole piece, one small crack and you need to repair/replace the entire area.

Hire Licensed Patio Construction and Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

If you are going to spend the money on your backyard, and you know you should, the best way to add value is to hire a professional with real world experience. Inner City Skyline offers 28 years of remodeling and design experience you can count on. (Schedule Free Quote 855-751-4663)