Wall Decors and 3D Wall Panels – Designing your Home

Design Homes With 3D Wall Panels

Ever wondered how hotels and other commercial area convert one wall into an artistic and decorative space that spotlights the entrance and lobby of the hotel?  Wall decors come in all shapes and sizes, but we are here to discuss decorative wall panels which are the modern twist to the wall décor industry.

Fiber Wall Paneling | Decorative Wall Panels

 Fiber Wall Panels | Los Angeles, CA

Fiber Wall paneling is one of the cheaper products available for homeowners. Its light weight, and paintable with 23 designs available for purchase. They come in a box of 12 and easy to install and best of all eco-friendly products.

Some of our favorite designs are Squares design, Jayden Design, Pitches Design, and Craters Design. They are flexible to your needs, easily one of the best products in the industry today.


MDF Wood Paneling | Decorative Wall Panels

 MDF Wood Panels Los Angeles 

Sometimes the cheapest price is not enough. Our interior designers and home builders offer MDF wood paneling which is one of the decorative wood designs available. It is premium In quality, and durable. It is light weight and easily installed. A fine choice when it comes to decorative wall design.

My favorite designs for MDF Wood paneling are Ezra Design, Faye Design, Zita Design and Gigi Design. Offer a creative finish especially when you combine the paneling with one of our painters.

3D Mosaic Wood Panels | Decorative Wall Panels

If you are one of those people that are always looking for the best product, most quality, and enjoy the sight of real wood like walnut, Arcacia and Oak, then we recommend our mosaic wood panels. Made out of real wood unlike prefabricated pressed wood, Mosaic Wood Panels last longer, and look more natural in a home. They are also very easy to install and can be customized.

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