3 myths of Driveway Remodeling

Myths of Driveway Remodeling In Irvine, Ca

In construction and driveway remodeling specifically, many contractors tell stories which simply is not true. Driveway remodeling has three main myths that stand out when we approach homeowners in Irvine, ca and rest of OC. Its staggering at the number of homeowners that believe a story that is not true, how so many contractors are getting away with it. We been in the business for over 28 years, and have the most ethical contractors in the business.

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Driveways tend to crack due to poor workmanship

If you do driveway remodeling, you understand that location, area, and preparation matter more than anything. The best driveway remodeling contractors have built driveways that have cracked for all sorts of reasons. The main reasons a driveway tends to crack is due to seismic shifts underground due to nature, while more often than not, badly prepared soil could also lead to sinking, and cracks. The preparation is the most important part of the driveway remodeling. Densely packed soil for a driveway can extend the life of it for an additional two years.

Driveways need to be expensive to be beautiful

Most homeowners never attempt to get a quote for something that should be fixed a long time ago like a crack in the driveway which is causing damages to the vehicle. You might ask yourself why a homeowner wont repair the driveway, or fix the cracks. Most homeowners believe a driveway should be expensive, never get a quote. At inner City Skyline, we do our part to make it as affordable as possible, and most of the time a simple repair can be in the few thousands, verses a new driveway above 5k. Design, and details can determine where things will

Average Costs for Driveway Repairs,

$1,275 - $4,320 depends on number of factors. Schedule a free quote today.

Driveway Remodeling Contractors can’t do repairs

Driveway remodeling contractors are always mistaken to be only installation, but never repairs and that’s a myth on its own. Our concrete contractors provide new installation, concrete repairs, and concrete replacements. It’s a simple process but the costs often outweigh the repairs so many contractors rather avoid it then repair.

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Its only 3 myths that are popular, in Irvine and Orange County community but there are thousands more. Share your stories, and If you need help with your concrete installation, repairs or even a cost estimate, give us a call today 855-751-4663