Get Pricing On Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles (Premium Bathrooms)

Bathroom Remodeling Costs Los Angeles

Are you interested in finding out if your contractor gave you a great price on your bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles? The benefits of online and the world around us is that everyone does things differently, but the costs should not be more on the homeowner. We have a list of what a typical cost for a bathroom should be in Los Angeles and would love to share it with you.

Bathtub Installation

Bathtubs are one of the few trends that are being slowly removed from the bathroom equation. As a contractor, more and more homeowners are opting out of installing a bathtub and going for a luxurious free standing shower enclosure. If you are like most, you rarely soak in a bathtub, especially for Los Angeles busy lifestyle. In order to install a bathtub, you need to drain your existing tub, cut out drywall, and cut away any caulking’s around it. Remove additional attached supports and the tub will come out. Installing it would require the same steps but in reverse. It is a complex process and a damages can take place if not done properly. On average tub installation can costs anywhere from $3,200 –  $4,700 depending on the materials, and bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Installation

What is a bathroom vanity and why do people spend a fortune on it? Bathroom Vanity is your sink, your countertops in your bathroom, in addition to cabinet space. These are areas that can be your focal point, or just a small addition that can be cost efficient. Most bathroom remodeling vanity installation ranges from $3,500 - $6,800 depending on the type of materials selected and size of the bathroom. A bathroom vanity can include dual sinks, or just a single sink. Cabinet space is another thing to consider, and countertops that can be simple, or luxurious depending on your budget. A bathroom vanity installation can be attached to the wall, with caulking, and nails while others can be a free standing storage area. Schedule a free estimate today with one of our general contractors and save up to 15% on your bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom Flooring and Tile Installation

Bathroom flooring and tile installation is the most creative part of the bathroom remodeling design, and if you haven’t found a contractor that knows what they are doing, we recommend reading and calling us for a free estimate. Our bathroom remodeling contractors are tile artists and designers. Specialized in home remodeling, adding floor-to-ceiling bathroom tiles is what makes our bathroom remodeling services that much better. On average, homeowners are paying between $2,350 - $5,550 for tile installation. We do a full top to bottom bathroom tiles from natural stone providers all over the world. We offer affordable budget friendly tiles, in addition to custom Italian marble tiles found only through contractors.

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