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San Rafael Hills is located in the San Gabriel Valley, at the center of one of the oldest cities in California. Homeowners are hillside owners, and everyone enjoys breathtaking views of San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena and nearby. As a homeowner, you are always looking for a responsible and reliable contractor for home remodeling, and repairs, especially when the home is on a hillside in one of the most prominent earthquake zones in the world.  

Earthquake damages occur even when it’s not a significant earthquake. Small earthquakes can cause cracks in the walls, stucco damage, foundation shifts, and more. Its harmful, but what makes it more serious is that your home is on a hill, which can fall apart any moment without proper precautions.

Inner City Skyline is your affordable contractor in San Rafael Hills, Los Angeles, CA. Our contractors can help you repair and strengthen your foundation, and work on any other damages that could have occurred to your home. We provide free estimates and offer discounts, promotions and financing options for homeowners. Call us today to get started. (855) 751-4663

Inner City Skyline About Us

Inner City Skyline is a local licensed general contractor with over 28 years of remodeling experience in Southern California. We do full scale remodeling as well as home improvement projects. We are REEL Approved contractors, and offer Energy Upgrade products at affordable prices, schedule your free estimate to get rebates, incentives and financing options.

Home Remodeling Services San Rafael Hills

Whether your interested in a full kitchen and bathroom remodeling, or minor backyard renovations, choosing Inner City Skyline gets you the best options at the best price. Get multiple estimates and let us earn our business by showing you how we can save you thousands.

Projects We are most competitive on are

  • Window Replacements

  • Insulation

  • Drought Landscaping

  • Interior and Exterior Painting

  • Bathroom Remodeling

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