Skylight Leak During Heavy Rains in Los Angeles

Does your home have skylights that are leaking during heavy rain?

If you are a homeowner experiencing a skylight leak, we have the right solution for you. We are Inner City Skyline, a fully licensed and insured contractor that helps homeowners with roof leak repairs, skylight leak repairs and more. 

We specialize in roofing related projects all over Los Angeles County, Including Torrance, Long Beach, Hollywood and Santa Monica. When a skylight leak occurs, it could be because of multiple reason. 


Main Reason for Skylight Leaks

  • Skylight is not properly sealed or sealing is no longer effective. This is one of the major reasons why homeowners seek professional roofers to help seal the skylight properly and test for leaks. 

  • Another major reason for skylights to leak is the glass is cracked and water is seeping through. This is a major problem as its no longer repairable and needs to be replaced entirely. 

  • Lastly, small damages during installation can leave your skylight vulnerable to leaks. A bent metal, or flashing damaged can cause a small leak which can turn into major damages.

Emergency Skylight Covering

Inner City Skyline is one of the only contractors that will provide emergency skylight covering services for homeowners that are experiencing leaks during rain. 

Our estimates are simple. 1. Schedule a free estimate by calling our offices (949) 354-4845. 2. We have same day roof estimates we can do for your home. Mention you are having leaks right now and need emergency roof covering. Our representative will arrive with our roofing crew to cover up your roof. 3. Let us do a visual inspection and give you a price, once agreed we will get started. 

Leaky Skylight Repairs

The best option for homeowners that are experiencing roof leaks and skylight leaks should arrange a free estimate. Once you have contact us, and agreed on a price, we will take care of the rest by providing top quality service and the best solutions for skylight leak repairs.