3 Reasons Why you need Rain Gutters

3 benefits of Rain Gutters For Homeowners

Los Angeles and Orange County rarely gets any rain, but when it does it seems like it’s overwhelming for our homes, our drivers and even life. I experience it and its one of the most daunting experiences as a Californian. I think we are more spoiled then most, seeing east coast in blizzards and we cannot handle a few drops of rain. I think it’s not our fault; we are raised under the sun.

What makes Rain Gutters that much more important is that our homes are not well designed to withstand much rain! The water that smashes on your concrete causes damages around your house and god forbid if you have a roof leak, your home is nearly destroyed. Here are my top 3 reasons why you should install rain gutters, even the cheap ones to protect your home and divert water away from your property.

Rain Gutter installation

Rain Gutter installation

Top 3 Reasons to Install Rain Gutters

Rain Gutters Look Beautiful

If you are having seen rain gutters, you know that they are like accents for your house. There are colors, options, designs and more for homeowners to select. Its one of the few decorative and functional pieces you can add to your home. Options include colors like plain white vinyl rain gutters, copper premium, simply gray aluminum gutters and more.

Water Damage Prevention

If you have a slated roof, or a roof that has edges which splashes water to your concrete base, you are more than likely at a given time cause significant damage to your foundation, and your exterior of your house. With rain gutters, the water is scooped up in the gutters and transferred through a downspout to a designated area away from your house. Rain gutters can prevent thousands of dollars in water damage to your home.

Adding Value To Your Home

Like any permanent fixture to your home, rain gutters add value to your property. This means your investment only grows in value depending on the area you purchase your home in Southern California. Knowing Los Angeles and Orange County, you can count on 2x growth in the first 10 years. Our prices are competitive and add even more value when we do the full rain gutter installation.

Finding A Rain Gutter Installer

Choose Inner City Skyline for your rain gutter installation project in Los Angeles, and Orange County. We are fully licensed and insured and can handle the entire project from start to finish. We do have our own roof installation crews as well as rain gutter specialists and can provide a combine savings up to $1000. 

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