Roof Leak Repairs

Experiencing a roof leak can be a scary new experience for homeowners. Roof leaks can occur for numerous reasons. Finding the cause of the roof leak, determining the most effective and cost efficient way of repairing the damages, while preserving the integrity of the house is a service we provide at Inner City Skyline Inc.

Roof Leak Service Area

Inner City Skyline provides roof leak repairs and roof servicing in communities across Orange County and Los Angeles.


Orange County

Irvine, CA

Huntington Beach, CA

Anaheim, CA

Lake Forest, CA

Santa Ana, CA

Laguna Beach, CA

San Clemente, CA

Los Angeles County

Long Beach, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Santa Clarita, CA

Torrance, CA

Pasadena, CA

Glendale, CA

Woodland Hills, CA


Roof Inspections

Inner City Skyline provides roof inspections for homeowners in our communities. Our project mangers and contractors provide inspections for leaky roofs, and to determine the cause of the damages.

Asphalt Shingle roof leaks

Roof Leaks occur when shingle roofs start to wore out. Loose nails, and worn out shingles that are beyond 15 years start to cause leaks. Roof also leak when roof flashing's are not properly installed, damaged or need resealing, especially near vents and chimney. Our roofing contractors inspect the damaged areas and determine the most appropriate fix, depending on numerous factors we consider.


asphalt-shingles-huntington beach.jpg

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingle Roofs are one of the most affordable type of roofs in Southern California.

Spanish Tile Roof Leaks

Spanish tile roof leaks rarely occur but when they do, the damage can be severe. Spanish tile roofs are beautiful and complicated. Spanish tiles are made from clay. Our visual inspection of the roof goes over stalled, pitted, cracked, discoloration, and of course leaks. Once our roofing contractors determine the area that could cause the damage, we go over costs of repairs.



Spanish Tile Roofs

Spanish tile roofs are beautiful and stand out in a world of modern style homes.

Metal Roof leaks

Metal roof leaks are one of the strongest types of roofing materials available for homeowners. They rarely leaks if installed properly, and last a long time. Just like its installation, metal roof repairs are costly. Cost for repairs is determined by the area damaged, types of metal roof you have, and overall condition of the damaged area. Schedule a free estimate to learn about our costs.



Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs are one of the sturdiest roofs you can purcahse in Southern California. Roofing solutions from Inner City Skyline.

Our Roof Leak Repairs

Inner City Skyline Inc provides both emergency roof leak repairs and roof leak repairs for non emergency situations. Homes that are leaking during heavy rains, we provide tarp installation to protect the home from further damages until the rains are over and its safe for repairs.

Schedule your free no cost estimate today to get started on your roof repairs. Local licensed and insured contractor, trust us for quality roof repairs at affordable prices.