Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2018 | General Contractor

Kitchen Remodeling and Design Ideas for 2018 

Towards the end of 2017, our contractors began getting a flood of calls for kitchen design and installation jobs all over Los Angeles and Orange County. It appears that more and more homeowners are shifting the design perspective to a General Contractor that can handle the design and building all in one. 

Why you might ask? Many problems arisen when homeowners have to deal with two different parties. Designers often blame contractors while contractors return the blame to designers when things go sideways. Its a bitter situation for homeowners, and most clients of ours tend to avoid that because we work with our own designers and have constant communication with our designers when we take on a kitchen remodeling. 

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2018 

Cabinets are one of the most important part of any kitchen remodeling and cabinets are in focus for 2018. Homeowners are shifting to low cost, affordable pressed wood cabinets for most of the cabinets. The doors itself are modern, and more sturdy with automatic closing and even technology upgrades for charging stations inside cabinets. 

Another big shift is less smaller cabinets, and more larger spaces for general purpose use. Diversity has brought this change as some homeowners do not use the cabinets of the kitchen in the same fashion as most of America. Thus changes to accommodate everyone needs are being meet in 2018. 

2018 is still all about brand named cabinets and Kraftmaid rules for our clients in Los Angeles and Orange County. Many of our clients enjoy the premium quality cabinets, colors and designs. While the quality is superior than most, warranty is important for cabinets that do not last as they should. Manufacture warranty is important just like having your car insurance. Take advantage by scheduling your free estimate with us and let us design or repair your existing kitchen. 

Kitchen Countertop Trends 2018

Kitchen countertops are a big part of the kitchen remodeling projects and not much has changed in this department. Quartz is as popular as it has always been. More and more people are turning away from traditional granite countertops to something easier and more affordable to deal with. 

latest trends are placing charging pods inside counters in the kitchen. Our cellphones are with us, and when cooking it could be a great time to charge up our phones. Wireless charging is going to become more and more important since Apples Iphone finally has joined the wireless industry. 

Back splash for kitchen 2018

Back splash was starting to become a big deal in 2017 and has continued that trend into 2018. We predict that more and more homeowners will seek out modern designs like brick, stainless steel, and other material designs. They are meant to provide an additional level of pop to your kitchen, so bright colors, interesting textures and designs are all used for back splashes in 2018. 

Finding Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Inner City Skyline Inc is your local licensed and insured general contractor and kitchen remodeling specialists. We are licensed to provide quality work and warranty for our services, most handymen cannot. We are fully trained for modern designs, creative finishes and a custom outlook that wont get old or outdated in the upcoming years. Our experts are professionals when it comes to installing and keeping the work area clean. We work diligently to ensure your kitchen gets done on time and within schedule. We can even get you custom imported materials like Italian tiles, Spanish custom cabinets, and unique counters found only in other countries. Schedule a free estimate by clicking on our Learn More button or calling us (949) 354-4845