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 If you are interested in a licensed kitchen remodeling contractor for your home in Huntington Beach, consider our contractors for your project. We are kitchen designers, and installers for residential and commercial properties. Our process simplifies kitchen remodeling and design for homeowners without compromising quality, design, and aesthetics. Our kitchen remodel services add value to our client’s homes by adding features, removing irregularities, and ensuring the kitchen is designed in a way to make sense.

Our free kitchen remodeling estimates give us the opportunity to bid on your kitchen remodeling project, by assessing the project first hand and estimating costs for materials and labor for all trades that are involved in a full kitchen remodeling. We have our own kitchen carpenters, kitchen masonry experts for countertops and tiling artists. Our experience since 1989 ensures our clients that we are here to only serve our community and Huntington Beach.



Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Kitchen Remodeling Chart Costs

Inner City Skyline provides free estimates for kitchen remodeling in Huntington Beach, and nearby. Our licensed kitchen remodeling contractor asses costs for cabinet resurfacing, cabinet installation and repair services for homeowners. We also calculate counter-top size, design additions and repair services if need be. Our contractors work with local construction specialists that are affordable, and experienced to price projects effectively.

Traditional kitchen remodeling can range from $7,500 - $17,500 depending on the features. These estimates are based off of simple kitchen remodeling designs. This includes basic cabinets, and laminate counter-tops. Schedule your free estimate to get a custom kitchen remodeling price for your home with materials you like, designed to your kitchen size.

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Inner City Skyline provides an array of kitchen remodeling services for homeowners in Huntington Beach community. We provide kitchen cabinet resurfacing, kitchen countertop repairs, and full kitchen designs for homes. 

Kitchen Cabinet Repairs and Resurfacing

Cabinet repair services are extremely popular in Huntington Beach. We provide cabinet repairs, cabinet replacement and resurfacing for existing cabinets that are in good condition. Our kitchen contractors can resurface good kitchen cabinets by sanding kitchen cabinets, staining and painting to match the new theme of the house. 

Kitchen Countertop Repairs and Counter Replacement

Homeowners are always scratching, staining or damaging the countertops of the kitchen. Most homeowners leave it as is until its time replace, but repairing is rarely considered. At Inner City Skyline, we love to show you how you can repair or replace any kitchen countertop in Huntington Beach and nearby. 

Kitchen Tiling

Inner City Skyline provides affordable kitchen tiles for kitchen backsplash and kitchen flooring. Our tile installers are artists at work when we take on a kitchen tile installation project. Schedule a free estimate with our kitchen tile installers and get a quote today! 

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