Composite Roof Installation Anaheim, CA

Shingle Composite Roofs for Homeowners Anaheim, CA

Are you looking for an affordable roofing material for your home in Anaheim? Inner City Skyline Inc, your local licensed and insured contractor provides roof repairs, and roof replacements in Anaheim. We do amazing work, provide warranty, insurance and peace of mind when we take on your roof replacement project. 

Shingle composite roofs are an affordable way to replace your entire roof. Composite roof shingles are lightweight, and affordable roofing materials most of Anaheim homes are using for roofs. Its affordable, comes backed by warranty, and is safe for most southern California homes. 

In Anaheim, our roofing contractors provide free estimate for roof replacements. Our roofing contractors ensure you stay dry during heavy rains, while guaranteeing on quality based off the materials we provide.

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Finding a Roofing Contractor

If you found this article, you are in luck! We provide roof repairs and roof replacement services for composite shingle roofs. Local licensed and insured contractor, we do affordable roofing. 

We work with the best Rain Gutter Specialists in Anaheim. Our rain gutter special is amazing. Hire us for your roof replacement services (full roof) and get free rain gutters! Installation included! 

Shingle Roof Costs Anaheim

Most Homeowners do not understand the costs involve in roofing a house, especially when we are redoing a roof. Cost of labor is one of the most expensive, Just alone in labor costs, Average cost for 2017 was $5,500- $8,500 depending on our contractors availability and schedule. Most people can check prices and do a comparison from local hardware stores nearby, but premium quality shingles costs are only getting higher. 

Average Cost of Shingle Roofs in Anaheim $13,450 - $22, 850 on a small home.