Vitrified Countertops - Alternative to Marble and Granite Countertops

What Is Vitrified Tile Countertops? 

Vitrified tile is a ceramic tile with very low porosity. It is an alternative to marble and granite flooring. Vitrified tiles are often used outdoors due to their water and frost resistance. There are four types of Vitrified tiles - Soluble salt, Double charge, Full Body, Glaze


Vitrified Countertops Vs Granite Countertops

Vitrified Countertops are man made vs granite countertops. Granite is a natural stone found on earth with a limited supply, and can be expensive. Vitrified Countertops are easy to install, harder to repair, and low maintenance compared to granite and marble countertops.

Variety and options is one of the biggest pros for vitrified countertops. They are easily available, and easy to install compared to granite and marble countertops. There is no need for finishing with glaze as the stones come with a protective layer. 


Choosing A Kitchen Countertop Installers

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