How To Find Roof Leaks In 2017 - Roof Leak Repairs

Our Best Tips for Identifying Leaky Roofs

Inner City Skyline Inc. and our team of roofers, laborers and project coordinators are always looking for new tips on finding roof leaks as its a big part of our business in Orange County. Here are a few tips to find the leaks if you want to know the damages before you have a roofer quote you on the leaks. 

Inspecting Attic For Roof Leaks

  • Roof Leaks often show up in the attic. Determining the area of the leaks can be measured from corner to spot you found the signs of the leak. That way you can tell the roofing project manager that arrives to check this area for damages. 

  • If you noticed spotting on your ceiling, thats the best way to show your roofing inspector that the roof may be leaking from here. 

(Caution, We do not recommend going on top of your roof as it can be dangerous for someone that is not trained.)

How we find leaks in homeowner roofs

  • Spot damages near vents and chimney (checking roof flashing's)

  • Evaluating the number of re-roofs and determining the quality of installation

  • Observing shingles that differ in comparison to the rest of the roof
  • Roofing vents that might be damaged or roof dormers that have bad caulking
  • bent or damaged flashing's
  • Siding Damage 

Free Estimates for Roofing Repairs 

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