Room Additions In Costa Mesa

Room Additions are anytime you consider adding more square footage to your property. Inner City Skyline and our licensed and insured general contractors work together to provide room addition services, which include blueprints, materials, and professional labor. As a licensed contractor, we provide free estimates for room additions in Costa Mesa. We are one of the best room addition experts in Costa Mesa

Room Addition Contractor In Costa Mesa

Understanding room addition costs and how to find a general contractor that can expand your home or convert your garage into a separate unit can add significant value to your home in Costa Mesa. The first step to finding a contractor is doing interviews for blueprints and design plans for your room addition project. Inner City Skyline can design, and draw up building plans to submit to City of Costa Mesa for garage conversion, or living room expansion. Our contractor been remodeling homes for over 30 years, and is one of the most experience general contractors in the area.

Benefits of Room Additions in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa has one of the highest rental incomes for homeowners that own multi unit properties and room additions will help you start earning side income for your guest house.

Our contractor has a turnkey process of converting garage into guest house and homeowners recoup costs 3x faster than other cities across the United States.

  • High Rental Income

  • More Space For Friends and Family

  • In-home Gym to Cut Costs

  • Airbnb Guest Room

Building Plans and Hiring Architect

Since building plans are needed for City of Costa Mesa to approve and allow you to pull the right permits to construct your addition, we recommend hiring a professional architect with experience. When you choose to work with Inner City Skyline, we do the hiring for you. We work with experts that have a proven record of getting room additions and garage conversion passed in Costa Mesa.

Construction Costs for Room Additions and Garage Conversion

Comparing construction costs for room additions, garage conversion or adding a guest bathroom can range significantly depending on numerous factors that go into play in Costa Mesa. Our general contractor takes on multiple projects to save our customers at least 8% or more in Costa Mesa. We go beyond and hire local laborers and keep costs low by using premium quality materials. Schedule a quote today in Costa Mesa and let us show you how we can help you get a better price on your addition.

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