Bathroom Contractor In Costa Mesa

Bathroom Remodeling often begins with a big mess like mold damage, water flooding, while other times homeowners are just tired of the same old design. Inner City Skyline and our team of bathroom remodeling contractors in Costa Mesa offer homeowners a free estimate to determine prices for all bathroom related remodeling. Our bathroom contractor guides homeowners through the design, layout, materials selection and finally installation of the selected materials. We also pull permits, do mold inspections, and other services related to bathroom remodeling

Shower Enclosure Costa Mesa, CA
Custom Shower Bathroom Remodel

Best Prices For Bathroom Remodeling

Inner City Skyline offers low cost bathroom remodeling in addition to full scale premium installations that only we can provide. We work with foreign imports to provide custom European tiles for a unique and custom look that adds value. We provide domestic materials for affordability, and durability. 

Our Specialty In Bathroom Remodeling

Our bathroom remodeling contractors specialize in plumbing related damages and water damages in Costa Mesa. We provide free estimates for homeowners and help homeowners understand the costs, how to handle the insurance claim for the water damage, and to remodel the bathroom after funding is approved. 

Other Bathroom Remodeling Services

  • Shower Enclosures

  • Toilet Replacing 

  • Vanity Repairs and New Installation

  • Bathroom Tiling

  • Bathroom Plumbing

Frequently Asked Bathroom Remodeling Questions

How does your free bathroom remodeling estimate?

A representative is schedule to drop by and provide a verbal estimate for the bathroom remodeling and other remodeling services you might consider. If we can agree on a price, a contract is then written with all the services we agree upon. 

Do you provide free estimate In Costa Mesa?

Yes We provide free estimates and full bathroom remodeling in Costa Mesa. 

How long does it take to finish a bathroom remodeling in Costa Mesa?

A bathroom remodeling generally takes about 2-3 full weeks to complete. The more complex it is, the longer it can take. Things like material selection, permits and inspections can slow the process down. 

Average Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

On average homeowners pay about $6,250 - $9,750 for an average size bathroom. Schedule a free estimate to get more accurate pricing for your home.