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Riverside is one of the most growing cities in the Riverside County, with large warehouses for employment and beauty of California dry weather. Inner City Skyline is your local remodeling contractor that specializes in remodeling homes in Riverside community. Our general contractor provides comprehensive free estimates for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, additions, home improvement and energy efficiency upgrades for residential properties. Schedule a free estimate to get you started with your remodeling project today.

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Remodeling contractor serving Riverside, CA

Inner City Skyline provides full remodeling services in addition to minor repairs in Riverside County. Our general contractor provides low prices by taking on multiple projects. Our license is over 30 years old, which means we been in the industry for much longer!

Solar Installation

Landscaping Services

Driveway Repair

Cabinet Repair and installation

Countertop Repair and installation

Pergola Builders

Window Installers


Financing Home Improvement Projects

We work with home improvement financing organizations to help our clients in Riverside get the funding they need to start any project. Got an emergency roof leak that needs major repairs? Get a home improvement loan in Riverside through one of our approved lenders and let us get started today.

Pace Funding

Sun Gage Financial

Synchrony Finance



Upgrading Houses with Energy Upgrade California

In Riverside, Inner City Skyline provides energy upgrades for residential properties through the Energy Upgrade California program. We help homeowners get rebates for energy efficiency remodeling like insulation, upgraded HVAC system, installing smart new thermostat, window upgrades and much more. Our motto is to upgrade and upgrade with energy efficiency in mind. Plan your next home improvement with Inner City Skyline and let us earn your business in Riverside today.

Backyard Remodeling In Riverside

Planning on remodeling your backyard in Riverside, CA? Our landscape contractor offers free estimates for Riverside homeowners interested in drought landscaping, concrete, swimming pool construction and luxurious Jacuzzi construction. Compare costs today for your home in Riverside.

Backyard Design