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Are you planning on renovating your backyard and need help with your landscape design and installation in Riverside, CA? Are you interested in hiring a landscape contractor to design your front yard or back yard to include all the elements you need to make a functional backyard? Inner City Skyline provides free estimate for landscape installation and design services for homeowners in Riverside, CA.

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Local Landscape Contractor

Need help with your landscape design. Hire Inner City Skyline and let our landscape contractor help you install landscaping for your home in Riverside, CA

SOD Installation and Lawn

Inner City Skyline provides all types of landscaping and design services for homeowners in Riverside, CA. SOD installation and design for homeowners are still popular despite the drought in California. Homeowners enjoy their lawns and waking up to a fresh cut grass. Our landscape contractor provides SOD installation and lawn removal services. We offer the best grown grass in all of Cali. We offer our clients in Riverside our premium selection of grass which includes Fescue Grass, St. Augustine Grass, Bermuda Grass and Zoysia Grass. Let us help you design your traditional style landscaping with a fresh install of new grass.

Lawn Removal

Some homeowners are shifting away from the grass design and more for low maintenance or drought tolerant landscaping. The first step for homeowners is to remove the old dried up lawn. Our landscape contractor can help you with your lawn removal in Riverside, CA.

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design

Drought tolerant landscape design in Riverside are one of the most popular styles of landscaping we provide. Homeowners in Riverside are tired of paying thousands of dollars each year for water and gardening. Drought tolerant landscaping designed by our professional landscapers help homeowners save thousands of dollars in water and gardening cost. In addition, homeowners that turn their grass lawns into drought landscaping can get up to $2 per SQFT of lawn being replaced.

Drought Landscaping
Drought Tolerant Landscaping Riverside3

Type of succulents we provide for drought Riverside

  • Agave Attenuata

  • Aeonium Arboreum

  • Aloe Aborescens

  • Crassula Ovata

  • Euphorbia Tirucalli

  • Echeveria Agavoides

  • Agave Cacti

Low Maintenance California Native Landscape Designs

Low maintenance landscaping is similar to drought tolerant landscaping but instead of succulents only, we use California Native plants that tend to grow on its own for the most part with little or no water. This is perfect for homeowners that travel frequently, or homeowners that are just too busy to regularly water their lawns. In Riverside due to the severe heat, California native plants tend to last. We use fillers like gravel and stone to define each type of plant and give the area a modern design. Homeowners can also use low cost gravel instead of premium stone for their home in Riverside.

The extras for landscaping

We help homeowners design a space that makes sense for their needs whether it's for grilling outdoors in their new outdoor kitchen or low maintenance design for homeowners that rather avoid the backyard landscaping or gardening. Our landscape designers provide the full spectrum of different design ideas including landscaping lights, concrete services and small retainer walls for design and depth. Our concrete installers are artists with concrete. We can do stamped and staining services for concrete slabs and concrete walkways. We also do Zen Garden style backyard and water fixtures that offer a relaxation and design.

Schedule a free landscaping estimate in Riverside

Our landscape contractors are here to help homeowners get the best landscape design for their homes. Whether your interested in traditional, modern or a mix between both, our landscape design installation costs are competitive while leaving homeowners satisfied with the final design. Let us help you get your backyard designed right with a free estimate in Riverside, CA.

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