Is your Home Foundation Ready For Earthquake? Los Angeles, CA Homeowner Alert

Earthquake Retrofit Los Angeles Homes

July is a month of Earthquake Seismic retrofitting and repairs in Los Angeles due to a major earthquake that hit near Ridgecrest, CA. Homeowners have been warned recently but a small shake that occurred in Ridgecrest gave us the warning we needed to take the right steps to securing our home.

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Earthquakes can damage a home regardless of the retrofitting and bolting that most homeowners need. A small enough earthquake can cause significant small hairline cracks to your homes foundation, and with time cause major issues to your home. Small hairline cracks can make your windows not close properly, cause ugly stucco cracks to your exterior, cause minor uneven flooring and make your home unsafe for living.

In Los Angeles, many of the homes are old and have not been retrofitted to withstand a small earthquake much then a larger one that we are anticipating. Soft-story apartment complex are at the worst of the problem. These apartment complexes are at a higher risk of crumbling if a 7.5+ earthquake hits Los Angeles. If you own a soft story apartment complex that has not been retrofit to meet the mandate presented by City of Los Angeles, then you are in trouble. Just the fees alone will cost over $10k.

Why homeowners should care about Retrofitting their homes in Los Angeles, CA

Have you seen homes in South America crumble during a heavy earthquake? Recently many homes in 2018 crumbled when Mexico had a strong earthquake and shook the continent. In Los Angeles, as with many of our retrofit and foundation rules, homeowners will see their properties reduced to rubble if they do not take the necessary steps to bolt their foundation, and make sure the foundation has little to no damage.

Homeowners are aware of the risks and signs to look out for. Small foundation cracks to the exterior of the house can cause major damages. We seen foundation related damages be noticed from stucco cracks. Also, windows and doors don't close properly which then causes energy efficiency issues throughout the house.

Dont risk your home faulting during a heavy earthquake. Take the necessary steps to retrofit and bolt your foundation in Los Angeles. Schedule a free foundation repair estimate in Los Angeles.

Cost of Foundation Repair Los Angeles, CA

Depending on the size of your home, type of foundation you have, and the damages that are present, we can help you calculate the costs for earthquake retrofit and repairs for your home in Los Angeles, CA.

On average homeowners are spending $7,400 - $15,654 to repair their existing foundation and do retrofitting with bolts. In Los Angeles, homeowners can save up to $3,500 in rebates from earthquake program and an exclusive $1000 off from our contractors.

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