Finding A Landscape Designer In Anaheim (Customer Testimonial)

A Customer's Journey In finding A Landscape Designer in Anaheim

Our landscape designers and project managers are always looking for a good story to tell, and latest one came from a customer that found us on online. Alice explained her journey to find a landscape designer was more difficult then she initial anticipated. 

Her Journey began when a neighbor had redone the backyard fully to drought landscaping. Alice explained that the lawn had turned brown, and the grass was patchy, and then one day she noticed the lawn completely removed and succulents arranged with wood chips. She loved the idea and decided to find a landscape designer to do something similar for her backyard. 

She was located in Anaheim, and thought a google search would bring up a limited but profound group of landscape designers. Her first 3 landscape companies turned out to be local gardeners, that do lawn mowing, and maintenance instead of designers and landscape artists. 

She decided to reach out for referral sites, and that got complicated and annoying really quickly said Alice. "I got over 8 calls back to back from companies when referral site said only 3 companies should have your information" said Alice. She got 2 estimates schedule, and both gave prices above her expectations. The price was challenging and hard to believe, while the sales people were very pushy. 

Landscape Designing Anaheim - Inner City Skyline

She reached out again and found Inner City Skyline on Google. Our company came out and presented five different design options after hearing Mrs. Alice explain what she wanted. She decided to go with our best priced option only $5559 for a portion of her backyard. The designed area included everything from fillers, lawn removal, design, and succulents. 

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We were proud of the work we performed for Mrs.  Alice. Mrs. Alice is a real customer, that shared her experience directly with our landscape designers and our marketing team has turned it into a blog post!