3 Secrets of Foundation Repairs Los Angeles

3 Secrets of Foundation Repairs Los Angeles

Anyone that owns a property and is faced with a foundation related project knows how hard it is to find a responsible and trustworthy foundation repair contractor for their home in Los Angeles. Its no secret that more and more homeowners are spending hours in-front of a computer searching reviews and licenses to find a reputable foundation contractors in LA. 

Its sad to say that so many foundation contractors that did repairs have done horrible jobs and results have cost homeowners hundreds and thousands of dollars when the project could be more affordable. 

At Inner City Skyline, we tend to arrive when the project is midway and the last contractor has done a horrible job, or ran off with most of the funds for the foundation repair service because the homeowner searched for the lowest price, and that often is an unlicensed "expert" that failed them. With Inner City Skyline, we arrive to homeowners with a free estimate. We do a professional walk through of the entire house, and show you how we can help you get started. We will show you the 3 tips that we share with our clients that saved them thousands! You ready to hear it?

Foundation Repair Services Los Angeles

Foundation Repair Services Los Angeles

1. Foundation Repairs can be Affordable

Most homeowners spend thousands of dollars repairing parts of there home when the real problem lies in the foundation. A home foundation can cause window damage, doors not aligning properly, cracks to the exterior of the house, severe roof damages, uneven floors and so much more. One of the first places we check is the foundation. Homeowners can get repairs done easily after discovering the reasons for the issues they face in their home. 

Some of the foundation repairs we provide are concrete / cement crack repairs for the home foundation. We do epoxy fillers and provider support beams to hold the house together. We also do waterproofing for plumbing related leaks that can occur in the foundation crawlspaces. Other damages that occur for the foundation is unsettled dirt which causes sinking in the property. This is very dangerous and can destroy your home slowly no matter what you do. Lifting the home from while adding special mixture of gravel and cement to hold the foundation together is the best way to stop the home from slipping. 

At the end you can see that the first project and most important project to consider is the foundation above all else. 

2. California Earthquake Authorities Can Help

 Did you know that California Earthquake Authority provides a special rebate for homeowners interested in bolting down the foundation of the house? 

up to $3000.00 In rebates for certain area around Los Angeles. Amazing savings that can add up to tremendous amounts. Most homeowners are not aware, but not all area are covered. 

What makes Inner City Skyline different is that we will pitch in and provide up to $3000 of our own rebates for area that are not covered by the California Earthquake 

3.  Finding The Right Contractor Can Ensure successful Results

Not every contractor can repair foundation the foundation right, while most can just appear to be fixed while the upcoming years the damage continues. 

At Inner City Skyline, our warranty ensures that we are held responsible for the foundation we repaired. That is one of the best and most important aspects of our business. Keeping our clients informed of what needs to be done, and standing by our workmanship, and quality repairs.  Give us a chance to earn your business with a free estimate. It costs nothing, but an hour of your time! Get started today!