Foundation Retrofitting

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Inner City Skyline provides foundation retrofitting to help homeowners secure the foundation of their house and protect against earthquakes. Foundation retrofitting is a process done to a home to remove and replace the faulty foundation with new foundation support, installation of support beams or other means of retrofitting. 

Earthquakes in California are very common and often one of the biggest threats to our homes.  Hillside homes with faulty foundations often crumble first during heavy rains, or strong earthquakes. 

Reasons To Get Started

  • Protecting your home and Investment
  • Selling your home 
  • Buying A new home
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Foundation Installation Contractors

Our foundation installation contractors specialize in the following. New home foundation installation, home additions, foundation retrofitting and bolting 

Foundation Repair Contractors

Our foundation repair contractors work with homeowners to determine where potential damages can occur, and retrofit and bolt down the foundation to protect your home. Our foundation contractors provide repairs for sinking foundations, foundations that are lifting, cracking or foundations that need waterproofing.

Foundation Bolting Services

Foundation Bolting services is the process of providing bolts to a raised foundation. Its necessary to bolt down your homes foundation to ensure you are protected during a strong earthquake. 

Choosing Inner City Skyline Inc. - Trusted Local Foundation Expert

We provide foundation repairs and installation for Los Angeles, Chino community, and Orange County. We are a fully licensed contractor and been serving our communities for over 28 years now. Affordable, competitive and professional. Schedule a free estimate or call our offices to learn more today.  (949) 354-4845