Mold Inspection & Mold Removal

If you noticed mold in your home, it could be effecting your health, the health of your family. Its especially harmful for elderly, and children. Our licensed and insured contractors can help you find out if the area you noticed is mold by providing a mold inspection test. Schedule your free estimate to learn more about our visual mold inspections. Its free for homeowners. 

Mold Can Cause... 

  • Muscle Pains not due to Strain

  • Twitching & Tingling throughout the body

  • Depressed Mood

  • Digestive Problems

  • Breathing Problems

  • Headaches

Why Choose Us? | Inner City Skyline Inc.

Inner City Skyline is a licensed and insured general contractor that can take care of the remodeling and repairs of your house just in case mold is found. We do full scale remodeling and our estimates are absolutely free. We found that most mold is found in the attic, and in bathrooms. Our representatives can help you determine costs for repairs with a free estimate. 

We can replace the mold area, treat it and ensure mold does not grow in your attic or bathroom again. We found that many older homes that have not been renovated, have mold due to the lack of moist removal systems. Leaky pipes can cause moisture and water damage and we can detect mold in-wall, in attics, under sinks, and in the bathroom. 

  • Mold Visual Inspections

  • Mold Removal

  • Mold Testing

  • Mold Damage Repairs


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