Discover Helical Pier For your Home

Helical Pier foundation systems are large screw like foundation beams that are installed deep in the earth below your home in order to protect your home from loss soil and foundation shifts.

Helical Pier foundations are for beach side homes in Huntington Beach. Our contractors can help you identify if your home needs a new foundation, and if helical pier foundations are perfect for your home.

How Helical Pier Foundation works

The definition itself is complicated, explaining it to homeowner that is already frighten due to a foundation cracks, walls falling apart or shifts in the foundation can be challenging to say the least. It’s apparent that you have foundation damages when you start to notice cracks around or inside your house. Maybe the corners of your home near doors start to crack, or your door itself starts to not close properly; It can be that corners of your window frames start to crack and shift or even your flooring becomes uneven and starts to shift. Any signs of foundation damages should not be taken lightly as it will have profound effects on your home.

Adding Foundation to your foundation

What Helical Pier Foundation System does is add a significant amount of protection against any movements in the foundation. It in essence locks your foundation to the earth’s core and prevents it from moving and causing more damage to your home.

Helical Pier Foundation Systems Usage

Helical Pier Foundation Systems are often used when the soil underneath your foundation is too dangerous to build upon or withstand the weight of your structure. It’s often used in building heavy building structures, or structures that are on hillsides. It’s a safety measure that adds the assurance that your home will withstand a big earthquake.