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Interested in scheduling a free estimate for your general contracting project in Fountain Valley, CA? Inner City Skyline is your licensed general contractor for over 30 years. We are one of the oldest and most respected remodeling firms in Fountain Valley. We provide general contracting and home improvement services for residential properties in your community.

Hiring a general contractor requires attention to detail, a good understanding of costs for the project you’re considering, and feeling out which contractor you connect with best. Our general contractor provides free estimate to help you understand costs, show you the details of your project in terms of materials, designs and more; and introduce ourselves to see how well we connect. Schedule a free estimate or read below to learn more about the projects we take on in your neighborhood.

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Kitchen Remodeling Services

Tired of looking at your old or damaged kitchen in Fountain Valley, CA? This is one of the most common reasons why homeowners remodel the kitchen area. Inner City Skyline and our kitchen designers install kitchen cabinets, countertops and help homeowners build a new kitchen to better suit their needs. Our general contractor suggest materials, designs, and help you build that dream kitchen.  

Countertop Repairs

Schedule a free estimate to get started with your countertop repair project in Fountain Valley, CA. Our general contractor can help you by refinishing your existing countertop, repairing cracks and resealing  your countertops.  We also do full countertop replacement services for kitchens.

Cabinet Resurfacing & Repairs

Interested in resurfacing your old but well maintained cabinets? Schedule a free estimate with Inner City Skyline and let our team of cabinet refinishing experts help you turn your old cabinets into new again. Some of the repairs we do are hinge replacements, cabinet door replacement, and wood carpentry services for kitchens. We also do cabinet sanding, staining and painting for homes in Fountain Valley. abinet installation. Some of the repairs we provide are cabinet staining, broken cabinet repairs, and cabinet handle replacement. 

Kitchen Repair Services Fountain Valley
Kitchen Water Damage

Bathroom Remodeling Service

Considering a full bathroom makeover for your home in Fountain Valley, CA? Our general contractor is an expert in bathroom remodeling and repairs. We pride ourselves on fast and affordable bathroom repair for homeowners. Some of the bathrooms remodeling services we provide are adding dual sink vanity to existing bathroom, replacing toilet with water efficient one to save water, removing and replacing your tub with a shower enclosure to match your new bathroom design and so much more. We also provide bathroom restoration services for bathrooms that had a leaky pipe and needs major repairs. Schedule your free estimate to get started today.

Bathroom Repair Services

  • Shower Enclosure Repair

  • Bathroom Tile Repair

  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Mold Remediation

Bathroom Remodeling Fountain Valley
Bathroom Repair Fountain Valley, CA

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Roof Leak Repair Service

Inner City Skyline provides roofing repairs, roof replacements and new roof installation for homes in Fountain Valley. We specialize in roof leak repairs for homeowners. Whether your roof is leaking from a small vent, or chimney, or an entire roof collapse, we do our part to promptly get to your home, provide free estimates, and show you how we can get the project done right. 

We provide warranty and roof replacement services for all types of roofs. We do shingle roofs, tile roofs, metal roofs and flat roofs for homeowners in Fountain Valley. Schedule a free estimate today to get started with your roof repairs. 

Drought Tolerant Landscape Design

Our general contractors help homeowners upgrade and remodel the backyard in addition to interior remodeling. We provide exceptional drought tolerant landscaping options for homeowners. 

We offer our customers succulent drought tolerant designs, artificial grass, and concrete slabs for walkways, stepping stones, and driveway designs. 

Our drought landscape designers can help you reduce your lawn by replacing the area with affordable fillers, large succulents and customized stained and textured concrete. Schedule a free estimate to get started today. 

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Room Additions and Guest House

Fountain Valley like much of Orange County and Los Angeles county is becoming overpopulated. Room additions are one of the best ways to solve this problem. Adding a guest house in the back of your home in Fountain Valley can bring additional income, help Californians housing market, reduce your need for work or just create more room for your growing children. Expanding bedrooms, living rooms or converting garages into room additions is the best way to add value to your home. Try us today and let us get started with blueprints for your home in Fountain Valley.