Drought Landscape Estimate Yorba Linda, CA

Since early 2016, drought landscaping has been the center of all backyard renovations for homeowners in Yorda Linda, CA. Numerous homeowners have experienced an increase in their utility bill, lack of qualified gardeners, an uptick in allergy symptoms due to fresh grass. Rest assured, Inner City Skyline is here with a solution to help homeowners with all of their growing concerns.

Yorba Linda - Drought Landscaping
Drought tolerant Landscaping

Drought Landscapers Yorba Linda

Inner City Skyline provides drought landscaping estimates for homeowners in Yorba Linda, CA. Drought landscaping is one of the fastest ways of reducing your water consumption to save money on your utility bill. Our landscape contractor has reduced water consumption on average up to $40 a month. Since our landscapers remove the entire lawn and replace it with boulders, succulents, and different fillers, most homeowners can maintain their own yards without the need of a gardener. That is an additional $75 in savings for homeowners that choose drought landscaping as an alternative style for their home.

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Turf Rebates in Yorba Linda

Turf rebates also known as drought landscaping rebates is another popular reason why homeowners choose drought landscaping for their homes. Yorba Linda Water District is offering homeowners $1.00 per sqft up to $1500 back in rebates.

If you are tired of your lawn looking yellow and dry, consider drought-tolerant landscaping as an alternative design for your home. Our landscape contractor in Yorba Linda offers synthetic grass for homeowners that need to have that traditional lawn style without paying for the maintenance and water costs. Homeowners that do not have any restriction can design a modern succulent landscape garden for their home. Either way, we would love to provide a free estimate. Give us a call or inquire today.