What are pool copings and common causes of damages; Guide To Pool Coping

Replacing Pool Coping

Pool coping are like the tiara of the pool world, and replacing your pool coping will make any bride look great! Our general contractor provides pool coping replacement services for homeowners in Los Angeles County, Riverside, and Orange County. We provide professional pool copings to replace poor installation, missing pool coping and damages that are not worth repairs.

Pool coping ideas

What is a pool Coping and why does it matter?

Pool copings are a design element of the swimming pool and are also a great way to hide the exposed steel that is on the edges of your swimming pool. Our general contractor uses only premium quality pool coping that will last longer, and make your swimming pool look great. Why do swimming pool coping matter?

Swimming pool coping help keep debris like grass and leaves out of your swimming pool. Its a necessity not a luxury for homeowners.

Furthermore, pool coping help block water from penetrating the area behind the pool shell which can then cause significant pool damage if enough liquid goes behind the pool shell.

Lastly,  pool coping give swimmers a sturdy way to enter and exist the pool. It helps give swimmers a sound step to dive in the swimming pool or a slip free way of getting out of the water.

Common causes of Damages and what you can do

There are many reasons you might consider replacing your pool coping and we are here to help our customers by answering questions regarding common causes of damages and what you can do about it. Pool coping can get damaged for numerous reasons. The most popular reason is expanding and contracting concrete pool decks during hot and cold seasons. This can cause minor hairline cracks which can turn to larger cracks with time. The second most common reason for cracks in the pool coping is settling of the soil and poor installation. This is far more common than any other causes of damage to your pool coping. Lastly, poor drainage is another big factor for damages to your pool coping. Poor drainage is the leading cause of most home related damages. Schedule a free estimate to repair your pool coping with our swimming pool contractor today.

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Free Estimate for replacing your pool coping

Scheduling a free estimate to replace your pool coping or repair the concrete deck is a breeze with Inner City Skyline. Our contractor offer multiple ways to inquire and our estimates are always free for homeowners. Schedule a free estimate and learn how we can help you repair or replace your pool coping in Orange county, Riverside county and Los Angeles County.