Window Evaporative Cooler $200 Rebates

What Are Window Evaporative Coolers? 

Window Evaporative Coolers are like window coolers except they use natural methods of cooling your home unlike chemicals in traditional cooling hvac systems. Window Evaporative Coolers use water, a pump to cool homes. They are installed like window A/c units and are more energy efficient then traditional air conditioning units. They are great for rental properties and homes that are smaller and do not need a traditional air conditioning unit. 

Why you should care? 

Homeowners that have the old window air conditioning unit, should replace it with the new Window Evaporative coolers. Many reasons to upgrade for homeowners, but my favorite is lowering your bills, keeping cooler, and overall better system for your health. 

Benefits of Evaporative Coolers

  • Ozone Friendly unit

  • Lower Costs for the Unit itself

  • Low Maintenance Costs

  • Low Electricity Costs

  • Moisturize Air Inside home

Hire Professional Installers Today

Inner City Skyline Inc is your local licensed professional for Window Evaporative Cooler Installation in Los Angeles and Orange County. We work with local  officials, cities and gas/utility companies to help you install the right window evaporative coolers to get you rebates up to $200. We work with all sizes homes, and experienced in professional installation you can count on. 

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