My Favorite Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Mission Viejo, CA

Kitchen Remodeling and Why We Do It

Mission Viejo is one of the most prime locations for southern California real estate market place, and remodeling your kitchen can add tremendous value to your home. Even if you are not considering selling, remodeling your kitchen to include the latest cabinet designs, beautiful seamless counter-tops that are durable, polished and look fabulous is worth every penny considering, the next homeowner would enjoy a beautifully designed new kitchen. 

My 3 Favorite Ideas for kitchen remodeling Mission Viejo

As more and more homeowners remodel the kitchen in Mission Viejo, CA, we noticed trends in the remodeling process. Our remodeling contractors have noticed a trend for cabinets, countertops and what we call the extra.s Read further, or get a free estimate by calling us today 949-354-4845

Resurfacing and Painting Cabinets A bold New Color

Cabinet Resurfacing and offering a bold color is one of the biggest trend. We noticed a lot of royal blue cabinets, darker colors like chocolate, or black with accent colors, and even light greens. Any color can look and feel great if you choose to design with a licensed kitchen remodeling designer. 

Replacing Old Countertops with Quartz Engineered Counters

We noticed more and more people are choosing Quartz engineered countertops verses the original. Its one of the more exciting parts of the kitchen remodeling. Everyone that could not get rid of the stains, chips and cracks are turning to Quartz Countertops. Quartz countertops help homeowners significantly because they are engineered to last, and are great for heavy use in the kitchen compared to granite, and other material countertops. 

The Extras

Handle Bars For Cabinets

Homeowners are choosing adjacent colors for accents for the cabinets. Cabinet fixtures can add that extra elements you need to make your kitchen stand out. We noticed gold, silver and bronze accents becoming popular. 

Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

Kitchen backsplash is coming back with a big splash. More and more homeowners are choosing glass backsplash that offers a pop of color, to compliment the countertops. A well designed kitchen with backsplash to match can add significant value to your home. 

Choose Right Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Finding a licensed kitchen remodeling contractor in Mission Viejo, Ca should not be challenging. We service entire orange county and have offices all over Orange County and Los Angeles. Schedule your free estimate and get up to $1000 Off full kitchen remodeling. (949) 354-4845