What We Did: Cabinet Repairs from Termites

Cabinet Repairs | Dry-wood Damage from Termites 

Its hard to spot termite damage, but once you know you have damages from termites, you need to act quickly to amend the situation and repair the damages before it starts to spread. In Southern California, termites cause many damages to homeowners, from eating through support beams to cabinets that are too damaged to treat. 


Termites Love Wood

Termites Are Dangerous Little Bugs that love wood!

Our licensed contractors at Inner City Skyline help homeowners identify termites in their homes, walls, cabinets, and roofs by using high end equipment and our expertise. Our contractors can visually spot termite damage just by visual inspections, but our test confirm our theory and show homeowners proof of the damages. 

Termite In your Kitchen

Termite treatment for the kitchen can be challenging as its a place for cooking and contamination can occur from our treatment options. Licensed pest control specialists are required for termite treatment of any part of your home. We work with local termite specialists that provide affordable treatments for homeowners. Our latest project was for cabinet repairs for termite damages. We worked with homeowners to find the termites, replaced the area entirely as the infestation was beyond repairs. We provided Orange Oil Treatment inside the walls, and anywhere that had wood damage. We then installed new custom made cabinets, and full counter-tops. 

Orange Oil For Treatment of Termites

Orange Oil is one of the best treatment options for termites. If you are not entirely infested which will then require full tenting, you need Orange Oil. 

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