3 Things To Expect With Roof Leak & What You can do

3 Things to Expect With Roof Leak

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When a roof starts to leak there are many things to consider, but waiting is not an option. Homeowners have many options whether you’re looking online, or in a local magazine for a roofer to repair the damages. There are endless options available, but don’t be overwhelmed. People make poor choices when they are overwhelmed with many options so we will help you prepare and even offer a solution.

Who we are?

We are Inner City Skyline a fully licensed and insured contractor serving LA and Orange County. We provide roof leak repairs and roof replacements for homeowners. When we repair your roof, we provide warranty and assurances for a leak free rainy season. Schedule your free estimate to take advantage of our low prices.


Roof Leaks can cause water damage

Most roofers are licensed just for the roof itself but often can’t do the repairs needed when your roof fails you and water is leaking into your attic, or patio. It’s a common problem and most homeowners have options whether it’s to hire a general contractor, or find another contractor after the roof is fixed.



Roofing Repairs are not cheap and Handymen are not a good specialist for repairs.

Asking friends and family for roofers is one of the best ways to go around finding a roofing specialists. If you do happen to get a referral, make sure to check license. Hiring a handyman to repair your roof is like gambling. The chances are high for a repair technician to fall off a roof and you would be held responsible for his medical expenses and lawyer fees.

If you do happen to get lucky and your handyman does not fall off your roof, you could face a handyman that did not know what he was doing and cause water damage to your house. If your roof is not properly installed and passed inspection, things can get very serious for the homeowner.

The city inspectors can mandate you to remove your entire roof and have it inspected properly. If your roof does pass inspection, only then you can be allowed to reroof. That is extra money spent on redoing something that was already done. Handymen and women also rarely follow specific city standards. Some cities require example of 3 inch nails while others require something longer.

Hiring a licensed contractor will ensure every issue is placed only on the contractor itself. There are tons of things that could go wrong, with construction, materials, and more. Hiring a handyman that is not licensed makes you responsible when things go wrong.


Repairs can often be more expensive on old roofs

Homeowners are always looking for fast and efficient roofers for repairs that will cost the least. In Southern California, this is true for all projects including roof repairs.

Did you know that some repairs can cause as much as two thirds of the price of the roof while the warranty is void and repairs cannot ensure the leaks will stop. This is a common problem for many homeowners that want to save a few thousand yet have to repair the same place, same roof for the upcoming years.

Inner City Skyline and our roofing contractors stand by our roof estimates. When we do repairs it comes with warranty and assurances that the leak will stop. If we cannot assure you that it will stop, we will replace your roof. We will not just repair a roof and let you experience more damages next rainy season.