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Fire Restoration and Repairs Thousand Oaks, CA

The constant ongoing battle to save properties and lives is a priority for all, and as contractors and builders we are here to help homeowners when they are ready to move forward with the repairs. Inner City Skyline been in the community for over 30 years helping homeowners repair, replace, and remodel throughout Thousand Oaks, CA. We are here to help homeowners in any way we can. We provide fire restoration services, smoke damage restoration, odor removal, and other fire related damages.

Woosley Fire Damage

Woolsey Fire restoration and Repairs

According to CBS News, it’s evident that the Woolsey Fire has destroyed a large chunk of Los Angeles and Ventura County. The worst of it is just miles north in Butte County where almost 9,000 structures have been destroyed since the Camp Fire wildfires took place. Thousands of people are left with over 50 people that have lost their lives.

Woosley Fire Thousand Oaks

Facts remain, Woolsey Fire and Camp Fire is one of the worst fires California has ever had to battle. Woolsey Fire has burned through 97,114 acres, confirmed 2 fatalities, and 3 firefighter injuries.  Over 370 structures have been completely destroyed and 57,000 are in danger or have some damages.

Our contractors and fire restorations teams can help those that still have their homes by providing the necessary fire damage restoration services to remove smoke, odor and restore your home to its original state. If you are among the 370 structure owners that have lost your property, we are here to help you rebuild.

Smoke Damage Restoration Thousand Oaks

Smoke damage restoration is a service we provide to homeowners that have faced a crippling fire like Woolsey fire. We provide pressure washing service to the exterior of homes, clean air filters in HVAC systems; replace any damaged areas and painting services for homeowners. In Thousand Oaks, we have done several home restoration and remodeling services for both mold and fire, with positive outcomes for homeowners.

Odor is a big deal when it comes to fires and Woolsey Fire has caused major problems for homeowners that have breathing related issues. Odor tends to linger for some time after the fires are over. It’s important to properly restore your home by removing the odors. We have the industrial grade filters to help homeowner safely and effectively remove fire odors throughout their homes.

New Construction Lets Rebuild!

If you are one of the homeowners that lost their home, we would be honored to be given the opportunity to rebuild your home in Thousand Oaks, CA. Whether your a celebrity, or just a hardworking homeowner that experienced a devastating loss, we are here to help you. We can help navigate with the insurance claim, help manage and build your new dream home. Start today. Call Us!

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