Energy Upgrade California – Why you should care

Energy Upgrade California; Why you should care


Energy Upgrade California is one of the best programs available for Los Angeles and Orange County homeowners interested in remodeling or asses which areas they can focus to improve the energy efficiency of their house.

No one wants to throw away good hard earned money, and homeowners are more conscious now more than ever before.  California is at a state of energy conscious due to the goals we are committed to achieve and every homeowner is doing their part to help our state get to our goals.

Home Energy Assessment

This is one of the best ways of determining which areas of your home are lacking and how a professional can help you get started on the improvements. A licensed and trained energy auditor can be summoned to evaluate your home and understand where you are not at a maximum efficiency.

There are DIY options for home energy assessment and professional assessment from home inspection personnel. Each option will help you understand where you’re spending the most money, and how to bring your costs low or even none.

Making Home Energy Efficient

There are a few major categories that drive most energy consumption for homeowners. Heating and cooling costs are one of the worst energy consumers in Los Angeles and Orange County. These units, even energy star consume a lot of energy and some energy is even wasted. There are options to make these efficient by using smart thermostats, and proper insulation to not over use your units.

This brings us to energy saving through insulation. Insulating walls, attic and ducts will help you drive cool and warm air to the areas you need it the most without any escape of airflow.

Next we have the appliances category which is almost every electronic that is plugged into your home. This category is one of the most important categories to consider. An old refrigerator can suck up way to much of your homes energy needs and ensure you’re paying more for the energy you are using. Lets include lighting in this category too since its plugged into your home. LED lights are the new energy standard for homes and Energy Upgrade California promotes only the most efficient lights for your home.

Rebates for Home Efficiency

Energy Upgrade California and our states utility companies are using rebates to incentive homeowners to purse and upgrade to energy efficient products throughout the house.

There are rebates available for your washers; thermostat and water heaters in addition to numerous other home improvement projects that help you reduce your energy consumption.

Schedule your free estimate with our contractors and let us help you get the maximum amount of rebates, which is up to $5,500.

Home Improvement Programs through Energy Upgrade California

Energy Saving Assistance Program is one of the options available for homeowners and renters interested in doing energy saving through improvement around the house. There are options available through PG&E, SCE, and SoCalGas for minor repairs and improvements. These repairs can be free depending on numerous factors. Call for details

  • Attic insulation

  • Energy Efficient Lights

  • Door Weather Stripping

  • Caulking

  • Minor Home Repairs

  • Low Flow Showerhead replacements

For more serious remodeling efforts, consider Home Upgrade Program.

Home Upgrade Program

Home Upgrade program is one of the best options for homeowners considering replacing an AC unit or using over $300 in electricity each month. Homeowners can take advantage of $5,500 rebates for various remodeling efforts if you choose to work with us. Our licensed general contractors have the best local energy audit specialists that can help guide home remodeling efforts to reduce energy up to 45%.


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