3 Ways To Instantly Add Character To Your Home - Interior Home Painting

3 Ways To Instantly Add Character To your Home

Adding character to a home has many significant value, and can add value, increase mood, and allow you to be as creative as you can possible be with just a few simple changes. Color and interior painting is the fastest and most affordable way to add depth and character to your home. 

I like many others, love my home. I love my home so much I even named it Bobkin. I know it might sound strange to name your home, but when you name something close to you, one adds a different level of connection to the object, or thing. 

I want even further and thought to myself how would Bobkin look. Thus i created 3 ways of instantly adding character to any home. Driven by attachment, I created this plan.


Painting Strips for bedroom

The image above is an example of what i mean by painting strips in your bedroom. A simple color would look great or just plain white is okay too but adding strips, you are instantly making someone love it or hate it depending on the choice of colors you use. 

It does not necessary have to be a wild color with shades. It can be a simple gray wall with columns of white or accent color to match your interior design. The image above instantly adds depth, design and character by incorporating the walls in the interior design perspective. 

This leads us to our next section of adding character by interior painting; Accent Wall Painting 


Accent Wall Painting Service

Accent wall painting services is another way to add creative and yet distinguished character to rooms of your house. For example, the image above adds a depth to the house and the dark aqua color can add peace and relaxation to a bedroom. This can help with sleeping, relaxing in bed, or even improve reading. 

Inner City Skyline (company I work at) designed children's room by stencil art on an accent wall. This was done according to a theme our clients chose like ocean, Disney, and etc. This immediately added character to the child's room by bringing the characters to life, in a room where the child spends most of the time in. 

Here is another example of adding character to your home by painting an accent home. Its a trendy new way of adding design by interior decorators. Inner City Skyline has done several projects of just simple one wall bright paint to add character. 


Painting with Textured - Interior Design

Best example of textured paint I found online is the image above. The impression I received was Spanish style or Middle Eastern. The color selection and furniture color indicates that. If you are interested in adding this depth, a textured wall can create the illusion of older and more antic look. 

If you feel your balance to nature and mother earth is missing, you can attempt to recreate a room with a textured paint and color green. The image above can help you reconnect in a modern world and instantly add character to any room of your house. 

Inner City Skyline Inc. 

I hope you enjoyed my writing, and how I would add character to a home. If you are in the market to sell your home, or add depth to your home by interior paint, check us out. 

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