Energy Efficiency Remodeling Contractor

Inner City Skyline offers energy efficiency remodeling and home improvement services for homeowners approved with Energy Upgrade California, or Residential Energy Efficiency Loan provided by (CHEEF) California Hub For Energy Efficiency Financing. 

Our licensed and insured contractors are one of the most experienced in Los Angeles. We provide full range of energy efficiency remodeling including Attic Insulation, Duct sealing, HVAC System, swimming pool efficiency motor, and water heater replacements. 

Energy Upgrade California also provide energy efficiency loans and rebates to homeowners interested in improving their homes. Schedule a free estimate and let us give you a price on your next home improvement project. 

  • Attic insulation

  • Energy-efficient lighting

  • Door weather stripping

  • Caulking

  • Minor home repairs

  • Low-flow showerheads

  • Water heater blankets

Not Approved yet? We can still help you get a free estimate and help you with applying. Schedule a free estimate today. 

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Residential Energy Efficiency Loan

Are you approved with the REEL program? If so, we love to schedule a free estimate and earn your business today! 


Did you get approved for the energy upgrade California loan rebate program? Schedule a free estimate today with us, and let us earn your business!