Commercial Solar Rooftop Installation

Inner City Skyline, Inc. has been concentrating on helping companies both large and small in Southern California battle the ever-rising costs of electricity.  We offer viable solutions that can benefit your company by more than just reducing your electric bills.

We would love to discuss with you how we can make your business more energy independent with the help of government Credits and 50% Bonus MACRS deductions the very first year after installation of a new Solar Panel system!

Inner City Skyline, Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and insured California Contractor, holding both a B-1 license for 20 years.Inner City Skyline, Inc.  provides a full commercial solar design-build services that include:

  • Bill Analysis & Solar Savings Assessment
  • Engineered Solar System Design
  • Financing (Cash, Loan, Lease, PPA)
  • Procurement & Construction
  • Operations & Maintenance (Optional)
  • Monitoring Your System & Savings (Optional)

Email Us Your Utility Bill for 12 month, and Your Address and We will work on your estimate immediately. (


In addition to federal tax credits, depreciation, and utility rebates, that provide you with near-term savings — solar and energy efficiency saves you money over time with lower, controlled energy bills. Your building can gain LEED points for energy audits, energy efficient building performance ratings and energy cost savings, including efficient lighting, power, lighting controls, HVAC, and equipment. Solar and energy efficient systems have been shown to add 10% to the resale value of a property, and to benefit public perception.

Solar energy reduces your operating costs, and saves you money. Lowering your utility bills frees up your cash flow and increases your profits (NOI).  Under the PACE program the loan is non-recourse; so the building owner is never responsible for the full cost of the contract. Traditional Capital Improvement Loans are considered a liability on a balance sheet.  PACE loans is an off balance sheet expense.  So with PACE you can save capital and credit for other projects and still pursue clean energy.