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Whether you experienced a home intrusion through a window, or tired of looking at your old windows, we offer free in-home estimates for window repairs in Long Beach community. We have offices in Los Angeles near Long Beach, CA and can schedule and provide in-home estimates same day.

What makes us different is our commitment to providing low prices on home window repairs for Long Beach homeowners. Our window installers are certified, licensed and carry million dollar insurance for your protection and ours.

Feel confident and request a quote today. You can also call us to schedule a time with one of our friendly representatives.

Window Repair Long Beach, CA

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Types of Window Repairs We Do

Vinyl Window Repairs

Vinyl Window Repairs are one of the most common repairs we do in Long Beach. Repairing existing vinyl windows are challenging but simple. The most common types of repairs are sealing the double glazed windows, which often fail. Our experts can assess which areas are at risk if not failed completely and provide the necessary sealing services to your window. Another major type of repairs we do for homeowners is vinyl frame replacement. These frame come custom made and we replace the glass with a new frame when its bent, damaged or beyond repair. The biggest challenge is working with manufactures to just replace the frame and if the costs are not higher than just replacing it.

Aluminum Window Repairs

Aluminum window repairs are common as many parts of the aluminum window can be damaged either by installers or homeowners that are not careful. Aluminum windows are cheap quality windows that bend in various areas and often damage during small earthquakes, intruders that are trying to get inside your home, and homeowners cleaning windows.

We provide frame replacements and window glass repairs for homeowners in Long Beach. Schedule a free estimate today to get our best prices.

Wood Window Repairs

Wood windows are not common projects we take on, but still offer the services for homeowners that do have wood windows in Long Beach. Some of the common repairs we do are glass replacements, and wood carpentry repair services for damaged windows. Damages that occur are often weather related for wood windows. Some windows get rot due to mold, moisture or termites. We replace areas and offer testing for homeowners.

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Inner City Skyline offers free in-home estimates for window repairs for all kinds of windows. We can assess the window itself, offer window replacements, window repairs and glass repairs too. Schedule a quote today, learn more with our free estimate.

I had my window repaired by Inner City Skyline. We could not be more happier with the repairs. The window was a vinyl window from Milgard, since they are approved vendors they got the parts we needed and repaired it in less than a day.
— Narbey M. Long Beach, CA
We had someone trying to break into my house through a window. Broke the glass and frame of my new vinyl windows. We had to get it repaired but soon realized replacing it would be cheaper. Thanks Inner City Skyline for replacing it for us.
— Porter U. Long Beach, CA