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Inner City Skyline inc provides affordable solar installation and roofing repairs services for homes in Huntington Beach and nearby. Our solar installation experts help you save money on electricity bill by determining the size of the solar panel system your home needs based off your electricity bill. Our solar experts work with homeowners to help get financing, ensure rebates are done correctly, and your on grid solar panel system is installed and operating efficiently. Schedule your free estimate today to get started. 


What Drives Homeowners To Go Solar?

Inner City Skyline provides solar installation for homeowners. Most homeowners in Huntington Beach have heard of solar and how it can benefit, but the information is rarely accurate, often confusing and more distracting then anything else. To really understand solar, homeowners need to know why their neighbors are switching and why you should too. 

     Products We Offer

     Top Reasons for Solar

  • Investing in the Future

  • Reducing Electricity Bill

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Adding Value
  • Becoming Self Efficient 

Solar Rebates Huntington Beach

Federal and state programs are available to help fund and provide rebates through taxes for solar installation projects that meet a certain requirement. Federal tax break is available for up to 30% of the solar installation project (subject to change, ask for details) in addition to PACE Energy Program to help fund the costs associated with the homeowners. Scheduling a free estimate with our solar consultants today and learn about the different programs available. 

$1000 OFF Regularly Priced Solar Panel Systems | Inner City Skyline Promo

Every Year Utility Companies in Huntington Beach Raise electricity costs. Its no surprised that most homeowners are choosing an alternative to their monopolized utility companies. With Solar, homeowners can get renewable energy that is clean, effective, and can keep up with the demands of 21st century. Upgrade your home to solar today and never look back at that horrendous electricity bill again. 

Commercial Solar Installation 

Tired of the continues increase in costs for electricity? Solar Is the fastest growing alternative energy source in Southern California and we at Inner City Skyline are energy experts that can show you benefits of solar backup batteries, and rooftop solar installation for your commercial building, and warehouses.