Solar Installer Huntington Beach

Inner City Skyline is your #1 solar installer in Huntington Beach community with a record amount of Solar installations on rooftops for residential properties. Our solar installers specialize in quality made, American and Canadian solar panels that are covered by 25 year warranty, while we match the warranty for labor. We ensure our solar panel systems last with a professional installation, and roof inspection to ensure your roof is in good health.

Solar Roof Installers Huntington Beach
Solar Rooftop installation

Why Homeowners Need Solar in Huntington Beach?

If it's always sunny in California, why not harness the sun to reduce your electricity bill and stay comfortable all summer and winter long? Solar Panel Systems are designed for places like Huntington Beach and Southern California where the sun is shining at its peak at least 4-5 hours a day every day.

Benefits of Solar Panel Systems for Homeowners

  • Saving Energy, and Lowering your Utility Bill

  • Investing in Your Property, Adding Value

  • Accumulating Profits after only 7 Years

  • Clean Renewable Energy / Reducing CO2

  • Tax Credit of 30% From Federal Government


Solar and Renewable Energy Products Available

Understanding Solar Costs Southern California

We help calculate costs for homeowners based off of an average of daily KWH used. Schedule a free estimate to really get in depth knowledgeable about solar, understand why solar is the fastest growing renewable energy service in California. We helped thousands of homeowners upgrade to solar by understanding the limitations and calculating return on investment (ROI).

Inner City Skyline can help you understand the costs of solar for Los Angeles and Huntington Beach community. Our solar estimators can help determine the size of the panels you need, your electricity usage, and price your project. 

Solar Rebates  

Federal and state programs are available to help fund and provide rebates through taxes for solar installation projects that meet a certain requirement. Federal tax break is available for up to 30% of the solar installation project (subject to change, ask for details) in addition to PACE Energy Program to help fund the costs associated with the homeowners. Scheduling a free estimate with our solar consultants today and learn about the different programs available. 

$1000 OFF Regularly Priced Solar Panel Systems | Inner City Skyline Promo

Every Year Utility Companies in Huntington Beach Raise electricity costs. Its no surprised that most homeowners are choosing an alternative to their monopolized utility companies. With Solar, homeowners can get renewable energy that is clean, effective, and can keep up with the demands of 21st century. Upgrade your home to solar today and never look back at that horrendous electricity bill again. 

Commercial Solar Installation

Tired of the continues increase in costs for electricity? Solar Is the fastest growing alternative energy source in Southern California and we at Inner City Skyline are energy experts that can show you benefits of solar backup batteries, and rooftop solar installation for your commercial building, and warehouses.